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Bond Plus Glue  5ml

MSDS(material safety data sheet):

• Ethyl cyanoacrylate 91.1%

• PMMA 6.9%
• Carbon black 2%

Humidity range: 30-55% (Optimal 45%)

Temperature range: 69°F - 75°F / 20°C - 24°C

Drying time:

15-20% humidity: 3 seconds

25-30% humidity: 2 seconds

40-55% humidity: 1 second

>55% humidity: 0.3-0.5 seconds

When applied in optimal environment, on clean lashes and maintained with good aftercare, the expected retention is 5-8 weeks.

Viscosity: Medium to thick

Color: black

Bond: Strong, semi-flexible

Latex free, humidity resistant and water resistant post-polymerization

Fumes: minimal. Working in high temperature, high humidity environments increases fume intensity.



Unopened bottles: 5-6 months

Opened bottles:

• Full time lash artists (12+ clients/week): replace bottles every 14 days

• Part time lash artists (5-10 clients/week): replace bottle every 3-4 weeks)

• Occasional use (<5 clients/week): replace bottle every 6 weeks)


• Store in an air-tight container or original zip packaging with silica. Keep away from heaters, direct sunlight and open flames. Do not leave glue in any uncontrolled environment.

• Keep nozzle clean and replace if necessary (every bottle comes with 2 nozzles and glue pin). Do not wipe nozzle with tissue, paper towel or any wet materials. Recommended cleaning method is a lint-free, cotton-free wipe.

• Close nozzle tightly after every use to avoid extended exposure to oxygen and moisture.

• Shake for 10-15 seconds before using.

• Replace glue drop every 20-30 minutes

• Can be used for both classic and volume lashing


There might be little difference depending on lash technician’s skill, amount of glue you use, and room temperature, humidity and  client’s after-care.

All eyelash extension glues in the world react to moisture in the air, causing them to dry. Therefore, the drying time is closely related to the humidity. For all eyelash extension glues in the world, the recommended humidity is 40% to 55%.

Higher humidity speeds up the drying time and reduces the adhesive's usage time. On the other hand, lower humidity slows down the drying time and extends the adhesive's usage time.

For example a glue with a drying speed of 0.5 to 1 second may dry in 1 second when the humidity is 35-40%, but the drying speed is 0.5 seconds when the humidity is 50-55%. However, if the humidity exceeds 70%, the drying speed will slow down again.

Ideal humidity and temperature:

For optimal performance of lash extension glue, your room humidity levels must be between 40-55%. We understand that not every area in the world falls into this range of humidity, but you must try to keep your room humidity level at 40-55% as much as possible.  Ideal temperature for the best performance (18-23 ° C)


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