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InLei® "ONE" - Silicone Shields Size XXL(DOLLY CURL)

The XXL size of the "perfect curl" line was created exclusively for those blessed with extra, extra long eyelashes. It allows you to spread the lashes along their entire length without bending the tips or developing irregularities in the alignment of the eyelashes on the curler. This gives the lashes a visible, strong curl.

Additional features:

  • PLATINUM silicone (one of a kind): hypoallergenic, delicate, soft, and unique
  • Autoclavable

The InLei® shields are non-deformable, resistant, soft, and smooth. The shape completely envelops the client's eye without causing discomfort, pressure, or stinging. The shields can be used up to 15 times and only need to be replaced when they become very dark due to the repeated use of tints.

6 Pair per box

100% Made in Italy

For professional use only

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