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Edit like a PRO


Welcome to "Edit like a PRO"

In this online course, you will learn how to take nice photos and film beautiful videos of your clients and also will learn how to edit your own photos and videos, your selfies and lifestyle content.

Note: This course is designed to focus on editing for lash technicians, brow, pmu, makeup, and other beauty industry artists.

When do we start? 

More Content will be added during the next 2 weeks!  

In this course, I will teach you EVERYTHING that I do for my photo and video content.

About what I will be teaching:

  • How to film videos of your clients, all good angles. 
  • How to film videos like "lash with me"
  • How to film video lessons for your online course. Equipment.
  • What apps do I use for editing.
  • How to edit the face on the photo and also on the video.
  • How to do eye-catching reels.
  • How to do photo/video collages with the uneven transition.
  • How to make your photos taken on a phone camera look like on a pro camera.
  • How to set up equipment to film videos of "lash with me".

After this online course, you will:

  1. Make your Instagram look unique and attractive for high-paying clients.
  2. Showcase your work on different levels to attract clients, or students, if you want to start teaching.
  3. By setting up your Instagram you will make clients book with you faster.
  4. With better visuals, no one will be questioning your prices as your Instagram content speaks for itself. 

You will have 6 months of access to this online course.

If you need financing for this course, email abramovalash@gmail.com 

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